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HPI2016 Photographs






HPIG2010 photographs

Photographs of HPIG2010 were supplied by Dr. Ming Chen (thanks!) and are available from a separate photopage (opens in a new window). Examples are shown below:


Leif Percival Andersen opening the conference:

Karen Krogfelt and a view of the lecture theatre:

Manfred Kist giving his Honorary Lecture:

Torkel Wadstrom giving his Honorary Lecture:

The Young Scientist Award winners:

Photographs taken by Christine Josenhans



Aerial view of the LO-Skolen site (from the LO-Skolen website)

Sweden on the other side of the water

Discussions outside

An interested audience during the scientific sessions

(Photographs by Dr. Christine Josenhans)

Last updated: August 12, 2016